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July 30, 2013
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Jul 27, 2013, 7:59:27 PM
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Destiny - Brave New World by Argnarock Destiny - Brave New World by Argnarock

Hunter: Me

Warlock: :iconxenekosx:

Photographer: :iconstillreflection:

So first and foremost, the new game Bungie is working on, Destiny, looks absolutely friggin fantastic! I can't wait to get my hands on it. In fact, me and my fiance were so excited in the wake of the E3 footage, we decided we had to cosplay it, ASAP. So we got it done just in time for Metrocon 2013 down in Tampa, and needless to say we had a blasty-blast.

So in this picture we have my Hunter Cosplay and :iconxenekosx: 's Warlock cosplay, complete with props. The LMG :iconxenekosx: is holding is a legendary weapon within the game, and it's apparently called "Super Good Advice". My pistol isn't quite as fancy, I just built it to look like it was a Destiny hand cannon, but I've been lovingly referring to it as "Sassafrass". I'll have dedicated submissions for both of these guns.

Also, many thanks to our photographer, :iconstillreflection: , for taking the time to do this shoot with us. It was a blast, and I've loved the shots I've seen so far!
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Tenchi-del-Dante Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2014
I wonder.. where do you live?
Argnarock Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014  Student General Artist
Florida, in a small town not to far from Orlando, why?
Tenchi-del-Dante Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2014
:3 I might have to see if my sis, Rhi, and her bf, Jon, has met you. They're kinda into Star Wars and been doing cosplays. And seeing your costumes would really grab at least Jon.
F1yingPinapp1e Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just realized I haven't congratulated you for making one of the greatest costumes! :)
Argnarock Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Student General Artist
Thanks bro! I just realized I haven't gotten around to thanking you!
nishlanin Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013
Very, very interesting.  I want to make a suit for my self.  And correct me if I am wrong, but is super good advice a nerf cs-6 longshot modded up?
Argnarock Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013  Student General Artist
It is indeed, good eye! It needs a bit more modding to make it less recognizable as a nerf, but we did what we could with the time we had.
nishlanin Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013
If you want a cheap way to make guns that look very convincing and realistic, check out Dafrontlinetrooper on youtube.  I believe he has a deviantart profile under the name cpcody or something like that.  He makes very good guns and swords out of foam.  He says that they usually cost about $10-20USD to make. Just a suggestion.  Hope you guys make more armour cosplays.  Any advice you can give me on planning and building this?
Argnarock Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2013  Student General Artist
I've seen his stuff, that guy is boss! I saw the binary rifle he just made and made a mess of myself. I'll have to give his method a try here soon... I have a couple random swords I want from things I don't really want to cosplay, maybe I'll try making one of those his way. 

And OHHH YES, we plan on doing more armor! Some things you might see from me in the future include several sets of Spartan and Mass Effect armor, as well as a few more mandos farther into the future...oh, and I'm doing the Warlock from the Destiny E3 footage soon.

And by this, do you mean a Hunter or Warlock? I've had a lot of people ask me that, I may just put a link tot he WIP thread I made in the description... or I might do a tutorial post about it. We'll see.
nishlanin Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2013
I am actually currently making a m55 argus based on his method.  Also I am currently making plans for n7 armour from mass effect 2.

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